The Foundation provides materials to help our teachers advance our struggling readers especially at the elementary school level.

CCSF Gala Celebrates Impact, Innovation and Opportunity for All Students

Lauren Noble can't remember a time when she didn't want to be a teacher.

One Book One Campus Events Connect Students, Authors

Fleur Bradley had to rediscover a deep-seated love of reading before she could refine her skills as a storyteller.

Sunrise Newbery Club Looks to the Future

Megan Smith was eager to get back to her roots.

Smith felt like she left an important part of her identity behind when she started sixth grade at Thunder Ridge Middle School in the fall. Specifically, she missed the comradery and closeness of the Sunrise Elementary School Newbery Club, a student organization that welcomes readers and encourages literary discussions.

Reading and STEM Skills Combine for Audiobooks Project at the Hollys

Emily Stout had an important message for a group of third-graders at Holly Hills Elementary School.

The students were working on making their own audiobooks, digital versions of published works that would be available to schoolmates in kindergarten and first grade at Holly Ridge Primary School. The third-graders recorded the text in their own voice, they selected photos and musical snippets. They even chose sound effects to accompany key parts of the stories.

History Book Sheds New Light On World War II, Civil Rights Movement for CCHS Students

Bringing the past to life doesn't have to be a difficult process.

For the students in Kerry Moyer's ninth-grade humanities class at Cherry Creek High School, a single book was all that was necessary to shed new light on a painful chapter in American history. That book was "The Port Chicago 50," Steve Shenkin's award-winning work of nonfiction that details the travails of a group of African American sailors working on a segregated Naval base in California during the height of World War II.

Cherry Creek Schools Foundation Celebrates Opportunity during 2016 Gala

These three high school seniors couldn't stop smiling.

As hundreds gathered at the Hyatt Regency Denver Tech Center for the Cherry Creek Schools Foundation's Invest In Success Gala on March 24, Overland High School students James Artis and Rashib Basnet stood with Jireh Pulley from Grandview. The trio's shared elation stood out among the crowd and together, they seemed to spread a positive attitude simply through their presence.

Engineering Is Elementary program boosts science-based learning across the district

The students in Lisa Lamb's class at Creekside Elementary School didn't have to look very far to see just how their complex and involved coursework related to the real world.

Polton teachers find a new way to communicate with students

The idea of going outside for recess took some getting used to.

For one 3-year-old student in Sara Beth Hefner and Jenny Riat's preschool class at Polton Elementary school in Aurora, the prospect of the playground was still novel. At the beginning of the school year, the thought of leaving the relative safety of the classroom for a foreign landscape of swings, slides and crowds of older students was downright frightening.

The fact that she couldn't communicate with her teachers in a traditional way made the thought of the outdoors even more intimidating.

Sunrise Elementary's Newbery Club continues to attract young readers

The group of dozens of elementary school students fidgeted, squealed and screamed.

They watched intently as Susie Isaacs, the librarian at Sunrise Elementary School, prepped for an announcement that held plenty of drama, gravity and importance. She stood in front of a mobile bookshelf wrapped in bright construction paper, and the group of dozens of students eyed the object hungrily.

Readers find resources at Red Hawk Ridge Elementary

The third-graders in Moira Kennedy's class at Red Hawk Ridge Elementary School have access to a wide range of different worlds and lives, all thanks to the power of reading.

Kennedy's classroom library includes light-hearted adventures and challenging mysteries; it features biographies of Rosa Parks, John F. Kennedy, Roald Dahl and other important figures. There are books for every interest and every reading level. Students who are ahead of their peers in reading comprehension have just as many options as those who need extra work.


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